Advantages of working for a startup

Today, being part of a startup is associated with being part of a constant innovation process and being a witness and author of forceful changes in the social context.

Besides, fintech companies have conquered the financial ecosystem by breaking the paradigms of traditional banking.

At Prometeo, as a Latin American startup that belongs to the fintech ecosystem, every day we experience what it is like to be a company open to change, flexible, and with a constant capacity for innovation based on technological tools.

Several of the paradigm shifts that have allowed these new dynamics that startups generate are directly related to the opportunities and professional development we offer. Based on all this, it is only natural to say that our DNA is marked by:

  • Team building

In the past, companies had highly defined hierarchical positions where decisions were made vertically and the idea of ​​the highest position was a synonym of a mandate for the rest of the organization. However, at startups, we are driven by the need for constant innovation, have made way for a horizontal organization where the development of ideas is the result of teamwork and all voices are heard and valued equally.

  • Flexibility

Although we are an organization where work is results-oriented, flexible schedules are usual, home office is routine (even in the same city or because part of our team is in another country), and personal and professional life balance leaves no one behind.

  • Opportunities

Because startups have an open-minded environment, they create a space where growth and professional satisfaction are a priority. This, together with team building, makes professional goals to be heard and met by the organization and encourages everyone to work towards achieving them. This goes hand in hand with ensuring the quality of working life, associated with fair remuneration, flexible time, and quality of life.

Join Prometeo

At Prometeo we are aware of the talent in our region and we are sure that having a good team is key to overcome any challenge and successfully forge a more open and connected financial system in Latin America.

We are constantly growing and we are in search of

* Mr. Lead Generations (Ref # 01)

* Business Development JR. (Ref # 02)

* Business Solution Architect. (Ref # 03)

* SR and SSR Developers (Ref # 04)

Learn more about the profiles that we are looking for on our LinkedIn profile, and if you meet one of them and would like to join Prometeo, send us your CV to by mentioning which role you wish to apply for. We will be happy to meet you.

El futuro financiero es abierto y conectado. Desde Prometeo trabajamos para construirlo.