Prometeo’s infrastructure

In our early days, the infrastructure on which we operated was built using traditional methods. As we grew, that infrastructure also evolved into a platform that was the foundation for the future of Prometeo as a product and company.

Over time we decided to automate our platform from end to end — this includes the creation of the base infrastructure, as well as all the services on which our flagship applications depend — seeking to substantially reduce maintenance time, the creation of new environments, and customer onboarding.

We also decided to automate our production start-up processes, in order to have greater control over the launching of new functionalities, as well as to improve quality and operations procedures. This automation allows us to:

  • Reduce human interaction in the processes of configuration and installation of code on servers.
  • Gain configuration standardization.
  • Reduce human error to zero.
  • Achieve control processes, security analysis, and validation before releasing new versions.

This way, we increase the quality of the released software, since it automatically allows us to establish a quality standard for any new functionality.

With this process of evolution and continuous improvement, we have sought to generate a standard of quality and performance that applies to each of the components of our platform, our products, and our team.

Our vision is to generate a dynamic platform that provides the necessary foundation to continue improving our products and adding more customers, where our quality and security standards will always be a priority.

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